Liberty Middle School welcomes parents/guardians, grandparents, relatives, and community members to volunteer in the school. We see volunteers as valuable resources who support and complement the work of the classroom teacher and other school personnel. Volunteers help to meet the needs of the students and provide an excellent example of responsible citizenry for our students to follow.

For this current school year, Mr. Norman Holliday has graciously agreed to serve as our Volunteer Program Liaison. Part of his responsibilities in this position is to hear suggestions from parents about possible improvements for our Volunteer Program. If you have suggestions to make, please put them in writing and send them with your child to the main office of LMS. Your suggestions will be given to Mr. Holliday for him to share with the school administration and/or district personnel. 

If you are interested in volunteering at LMS, please attend a volunteer training and complete a volunteer application. The application should be sent to the school's office and to the attention of Dr. Cassidy.