Dismissals & Arrivals

Late Arrival

A student may sign themselves in when arriving late to school. Excessive tardiness may become a disciplinary matter since late entry to a class is disruptive to the learning environment and prohibited by Board Policy. Excused tardies are those that are a result of late buses or medical appointments. Detention may be assigned to students with more than three unexcused tardies. Excessive tardiness will result in disciplinary action to correct the problem. 

Half Day Early Dismissal

Early Dismissal on half days of school should be avoided.  Students will not be dismissed the last 45 minutes of half days.  Schedules on half days are compact and students will be involved in activities that may take them out of normal class schedules.

Early Dismissal

A parent or guardian must sign out any student leaving school early. Early dismissal will be granted for emergency or medical reasons at the discretion of the school administration.  Photo identification may be required to sign out a LMS student.

A dismissal after 2:30 p.m. should be avoided since it becomes a disruption to the classes as teachers and students are closing instructional activities for the day. 

Parents or guardians must make arrangements with the office if other persons are signing out their children. The school will not dismiss a student into the custody of an unauthorized individual without verified written permission from the parent or guardian.