LMS's EcoClub is a gathering of students who share a love of the environment. Our goal is to increase environmental awareness and to brainstorm ideas for improving our school's environmental impact.

EcoClub is focusing on two projects this year: 

B2 – Breath Better Anti-Idling Program 

The goal of B2 is to promote a clean air environment by encouraging cars to turn off their engine while waiting in the car line.

The exhaust from idling cars is a major contributor to air pollution. Students, parents and faculty are exposed to higher levels of vehicle exhaust during daily drop-off and pick-up. Car exhaust can also be drawn into the air vents and accumulate inside the school building.

Did you know? With today's fuel efficient vehicles, if you plan to idle for more than 30 seconds cutting off your engine saves you fuel (and money) and creates less pollution. Turning engines off is a win- win! 

For more information on why idling is a problem and what you can do, see DHEC's Fact Sheet on Idling: 



Liberty Middle School students are talking "trash" these days – but that's a good thing! LMS is turning its Garbage into Gardens. 

LMS was invited to be part of DHEC's Compost Pilot Program. EcoClub is working with Miss Craven's 7th Grade students and Mr. Rankin's students to turn food waste into garden compost. 

Stop by to visit our vermicaster worms! Or – if you are a master gardener, please come help out with our outdoor compost bin and raised garden beds. 

Vermicompost - Harvesting worms2.JPG

EcoClub Sponsors:   Mary Helen Oliver, 6th Grade Math and Science