Available Technology

In order to enhance learning opportunities for students, a technology-rich environment is of utmost importance for all schools in the School District of Pickens County.  

Because of the district's support of technology Liberty Middle School enjoys:

Tech It Home

This year all students 4th - 12th will be issued a device. Students will do their work and access many of their textbooks through the devices this year. In order for your child to receive their device, the following must be done.

  1. Recommended: Parents read the Tech It Home Handbook and view the Tech it Home Parent Guide (Elementary, Middle, High)
  2. Recommended: Students read the Tech it Home Handbook and Tech it Home Student Guide (Tablet or Chromebook)
  3. Required: Parent and student sign the Tech It Home User Agreement Plan, agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in the Handbooks, turn in the agreement to the school. The agreement can be printed here or picked up from the school. Parents of middle school students getting a hotspot must sign this Hotspot User Agreement Plan.
  4. Required: Parents of middle school students must sign the Online Apps Permission Form to give students authorization to create accounts with district-issued email.
  5. Required: Pay the yearly $15 fee.

Students access includes

  • 1:1 Computers for student use in all classrooms
  • Internet access in all classrooms
  • Computer STEM lab
  • Smartboard with Projectors in every classroom
  • Networked teacher laptops for every certified staff member
  • Access to instructional software, such as, Classworks, Renaissance Place (formerly Accelerated Reader),
  • Brain Pop, Visual Thesaurus, Rosetta Stone, and many more.
  • A website that provides school-specific current information, as well as, classroom-specific information.