Cheer Roster

8th Grade
Zoe Russell, 8th Grade Capt.
Karlee Browning
Meadow Caron
Emily Carver 
Jazmon McDonald
Sasha Neal
Anna Scozzaro
Bailey VanPerseum
Emilee Waters 

7th Grade
Braylen Edmonds
LA Goodnough
Kate Owens

If you have any questions call Coach Gibson at LMS 864-397-3428 or message her on Schoology


All Videos and material will be posted on our Team BAND app.  Invitations to join the TRYOUT BAND app will be sent on the first day of tryouts.  Invitations to join the TEAM BAND app will be sent after the team is announced. 



***Note to all LMS Cheerleaders. Click on the links below to see LMS School Athletic Code of Conduct and LMS Cheer Merit and Demerit Standards. These are LMS rules and will be enforced no matter which team you are placed on LMS/LHS JV or LHS Varsity. Your season as a LMS/LHS cheerleader begins the day you are named as LMS/LHS Cheerleader and continues until a new team is named. No exceptions.

LMS School Code of Conduct

LMS Cheer Merit and Demerit Code

LMS Athletic Code of Conduct


Please keep in mind that cheerleading is under the rules of the South Carolina High School League. Cheerleaders are athletes and will be treated as athletes. Cheerleaders' rules are no different than those of other LHS/LMS athletes.


 Pamela Gibson, Coach