2017-2018 Try-outs will be 
April 17 -18 - 19 - and 21st

Ride Shuttle Bus to LHS and
report to Cheer room.

Doors will shut at 4 PM no one
will be allowed in after 4 PM

The try-outs are closed to friends, classmates, parents and family.

If you have any questions call Coach Trammell at LHS 864-397-2600
or Coach Gibson at LMS 864-397-3415.

Scan this QR Code to complete 2017-2018 Try-out Packet Paperwork

QR Code for Paperwork

Click on the link below to access the Youtube channel for the LMS cheer material.


QR Code for YouTube Channel


2016-2017 Roster
Alexis Cooper, Captain
Savannah Brown, Co-Captain
Claire Chappell
Haylee Holder
Hailey Harris
Jadyn Ankers
Kaetlyn Barton
Morgan Bryant
Kat Dutton
Breelyn Johnson
Abigail Joslyn
Carlynn O'Shea
Caroline Ramey
Miracle Splan



***Note to all LMS cheerleaders. Anyone receiving 2 office referrals or 2 ISS or 1 OSS will be dismissed from the team/this is a LMS rule and will be enforced no matter which team you are placed on LMS/LHS JV or LHS Varsity. Your season as a LMS cheerleader begins the day you are named as LMS Cheerleader and continues until a new team is named. No exceptions.


Please keep in mind that cheerleading is under the rules of the South Carolina High School League. Cheerleaders are athletes and will be treated as athletes. Cheerleaders' rules are no different than those of other LHS/LMS athletes.


 Pamela Gibson, Coach