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Returning Students

When a student moves from elementary to middle school proof of residence is required therefore, parents/guardians of our rising sixth grade students must provide this documentation, as well. (See below for details about items that may be used as proof of residence.)

New Students

To ensure that students are eligible for enrollment the following items are required:

1. Proof of residence. The following may be used for this purpose:

o A copy of the parent's/guardian's current monthly utility bill (electricity, gas, water, etc.) showing the correct billing name and service address.

o A copy of the parent's/guardian's current cable television or satellite service bill, as long as it shows the service address and billing address.

Note: Landline telephone bills, cellular telephone bills and pager bills are NOT accepted as proof of residence because those bills do not show a service address. 

2. Birth certificate. A copy of the student's state-issued birth certificate must be provided to the school at the time of enrollment. Hospital birth reports are not acceptable.

3. Immunization record. A valid South Carolina Certificate of Immunization must be presented for all students prior to their enrollment.

4. Social Security Number. Schools may ask for a student's Social Security Number. However, by federal law, schools cannot require that a Social Security Number be provided. 

5. Court Order, if applicable. In cases where a student may have custodial issues a Court Order must be presented to school personnel and issues addressed prior to enrollment.